Accept QR code payments instantly with XoeQR

The ideal solution for merchants to accept QR code payments in stores, restaurants and hotels.

One device to scan multiple QR code wallets, one platform to monitor the merchant sales and one platform to configure remotely fleet of devices in the field.

Accept MTN mobile money, Orange Money, M-Pesa, XoePay, credit cards and bank accounts Straight away

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Merchants reap all the benefits

With just a simple integration, you can start ripping off the benefits that come with so much flexibility



Instant integration to accept more payments.



Domestic & international QR code acceptance.



The bank of the merchant gets the reports.

Get up and running in 3 simple steps

No lengthy configuration or technical skills are needed to start receiving payments

  • 1

    Select Amount

    without selecting wallets

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  • 2

    Scan QR code

    scan, refund and cancel with ease

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  • 3

    Monitor sales

    Analyze, monitor and optimize sales

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Designed for all kinds of Payments


Accept All Payment Modes

All major forms of payments across the continent bundled into one reliable solution. All major forms of credit card supported, net banking and majority of all international banks integrated


Powerful Dashboard

Dashboards designed to give a full details about trends and statistics without having to spend numerous hours of works and efforts.


Comprehensive documentation

Robust, clean, developer friendly APIs, plugins and libraries for all major languages and platforms that let you focus on building great products.


Rock Solid Security

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant along with frequent third party audits and a dedicated internal security team to make sure your data is always safe


Extensive Integration

Integration into all major accounting and statistics tool already taken care. No need for any extra efforts into pulling data into your financial softwares.


Easy to Integrate

Checkouts easy to integrate. No need for any lengthy integration procedures. Its simple, singup, get an API key, install the a library and that's it. Simply call a function to perform any operation.


No additional costs, No setup cost, Only spend when you start earning


Payment links are made with the single users/freelancers in mind. You donot need any extra configuration to start receiving payments


Alternative Payment

Payment Links can be an easy substitute for cash-on-delivery and point-of-sale payment methods in your business..


Chatbot Integration

Integrate Payment Links with Chatbots for users to enjoy a seamless buying experience on your platform.


Social Media Sharing

Share the payment link over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. giving your customers a quick checkout option.


For freelancers

Don't have a an app or website for selling? Now let your customers pay online with payment links

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With XoeQR, we're able to easily track our performance in full detail. It's become an essential tool for us to grow and engage with our audience.

Christina Kray

Social Media Executive, busswaka
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