A new way to receive Payments

A modern approach to receiving and making payments. Integrate payments into your online and offline businesses, send money between remittance companies.

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Xoe remit

Serve your users with a seamless payment Experience.

One complete platform that lets you collect payments for just any business. Anywhere and at anytime. Online and Offline alike.

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    Online (Website and Mobile)

    Accept online payment with on your ecommerce store, website or mobile apps

  • 2

    POS (Point of Sale)

    Receive payments in person at your own local store or remote location

  • 3

    XoeQR (Payment on-the-go)

    Create a unique QR code to securely accept payments anywhere and anytime

XoePay connects all other payment methods into one complete and secure platform.

Debit & Credit Cards

Mobile Money



Bank Accounts




Do more with our merchant and client Mobile Apps

Use our Mobile app tp and receive Money, view transactions and much more. Any anywhere anytime.

Send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

Pay for goods and services both online and offline.

Track Expenses, Transactions and generate reports.

Scan to pay at any merchant who accepts XoeQR.

As a merchant, get notified when you receive a new Payment

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Extremely Quick to Setup
Easy to Use.

We save you all the time going through complex verifications processes and difficult pre-requisites. Simply create an account, Identify who you are and how we can send funds to you and you're done!


Create an account


Link your bank account


Your account is validated

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XoePay is equipped with all the features you need to make the difference


Instant Activation

Get activated and transact within 2 minutes. Completely online onboarding with minimum documentation.


Easy Integration

With plugins for all major platforms and languages, integrate and go live with XoePay in less than an hour.


API Driven

Build your business for scale with our complete API-driven automation that requires zero manual intervention.


100+ payment modes

Offer your customers the luxury of all payment modes including Credit/Debit cards, Wallets etc.


Simple Pricing

Our innovative payment solutions with competitive pricing make payments simpler.


Best in Industry Support

Always available email, phone and chat based support to help you in your every step.


Dashboard Reporting

Real-time data and insights on your XoePay Dashboard to make informed business decisions.



PCI DSS Level 1 compliant solution which removes your burden of regulatory compliance.

Loved by business and individuals across the globe.

People looking for secure payments and transactions, Xoepay has a secure way of payments and doesn't allow fraud.

Xoepay make it simplier for transactions and payments also takes less time for the transaction to be done.

Xoepayment compomises more than 100 payments methods.Offers us luxury of all payments including wallets credit cards etc...

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Success rate in all verified transactions.

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